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Admiral Tibet and Paul Elliott to be featured on the Fiery Zone

Heading into the second week of April, we’ve got a brand new set of artists this week. You can catch these exclusive live interviews tomorrow on the fiery zone with Fonso Black on UVC Radio.

Admiral Tibet

The legendary Admiral Tibet will be featured on the fiery zone on Friday, April 8, 2022 starting at 6:30 PM UK time, 1:30 PM Eastern time and 12:30 PM Jamaica time. Check the video below!

Admiral Tibet

Where to Find Admiral Tibet

You can find Admiral Tibet on the folloing platforms: You can also check out his bio on ReggaeVille

Paul Elliott

We continue the artist spotlight with Paul Elliott, who will be live on the Fiery Zone on Friday, April 8, 2022 starting at 7:30 PM UK time, 2:30 PM Eastern time and 1:30 PM Jamaica time. Check out a snippet of a dub plate below!

Paul Eliott

Where to Find Paul Elliott

You can find Paul Elliott on the following platforms: It all starts tomorrow on the Fiery Zone with Fonso Black at 12 PM eastern, 11 AM Jamaica time on UVC Radio, the sound that binds us together! Click here to Tune in!
Artist Interviews

Isaiah Blaze to be featured on The Ultimate Praise Party with DJ GFire

Tomorrow’s edition of the Ultimate Praise Party proves to be exciting as we once again interview Isaiah Blaze, a powerful young disciple of Jesus Christ, hailing from Trinidad and Tobago. He’ll be talking about his new music as well as the plans that God has for him for the remainder of 2022. You can listen to the interview live on UVC Radio as well as our Facebook page on March 20, 2022 starting at 6 PM Eastern Caribbean time, 5 PM Central and Jamaica time. Check out the video below to learn more!

Isaiah Blaze on the Ultimate Praise Party

Where to Find Isaiah Blaze

You can find Isaiah Blaze on the following platforms: If you missed our first interview with Isaiah Blaze, you can Check it out here on Facebook

We definitely encourage you to share this link around with your friends for this exciting interview on the Ultimate Praise Party with DJ GFire, on UVC Radio, the sound that binds us together.