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Isaiah Blaze to be featured on The Ultimate Praise Party with DJ GFire

Tomorrow’s edition of the Ultimate Praise Party proves to be exciting as we once again interview Isaiah Blaze, a powerful young disciple of Jesus Christ, hailing from Trinidad and Tobago. He’ll be talking about his new music as well as the plans that God has for him for the remainder of 2022. You can listen to the interview live on UVC Radio as well as our Facebook page on March 20, 2022 starting at 6 PM Eastern Caribbean time, 5 PM Central and Jamaica time. Check out the video below to learn more!

Isaiah Blaze on the Ultimate Praise Party

Where to Find Isaiah Blaze

You can find Isaiah Blaze on the following platforms: If you missed our first interview with Isaiah Blaze, you can Check it out here on Facebook

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Esther Sings and Jahpeeks to be Featured on the Fiery Zone

This Friday, March 18, 2022 at 1:30PM Eastern, 12:30 PM Jamaica and 6:30 PMUK time, get ready to dive into the spotlight with British radio host Fonso Black in the Fiery Zone with this week’s first featured artist, Esther Sings! Esther Sings, aka Esther Antoine, is a contemporary reggae artiste and songwriter who sings from the heart. Check out the video below to learn more.

Esther Sings in the Spotlight with Fonso Black

Where to Find Esther Sings

You can get in contact with Esther Sings using the links below.


At 2:30 PM eastern time, 1:30 PM Jamaica time and 7:30 PM UK time, the fire doesn’t stop as we bring Jahpeeks into the studio! Check the video below to learn more!

Jahpeeks on the Fiery Zone

Where to find Jahpeeks

You can check out Jahpeeks on the following platforms:

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UVC Radio Interviews Ardie Cuban on Tell it like it is

The panel of Tell it Like It Is was honored to conduct an exclusive interview with the veteran artist and promoter, Ardie Cuban. Known to have been the first to bring the iconic Bob Marley to the United States, Cuban shares his love for music, the importance of learning from those that came before us and a rich history of Jamaican music and culture. Check out the interview below!

Interview with Ardie Cuban


Fonso Black and the Fiery Zone bring Dan Mafia and Simple Rattigan to UVC Radio

Another Friday afternoon is approaching on UVC Radio; and that can only mean one thing. It’s time for another feature-filled edition of the Fiery Zone… and this Friday this no exception!

Dan Mafia

At 1:30 PM eastern and Jamaicatime, 6:30 PM UK time join Fonso Black in the spotlight with Mr. Never Turn Her Back himself, Dan Mafia! Check the video below to learn more.

We encourage you to Check out Dan Mafia on Instagram! Also feel free to Check him out on Apple Music You can also Listen to his music on Spotify

Simple Rattigan

Known for his smooth and soulful voice, as well as songs such like Gun Ting, How Can I and Come Now, this is an artist you don’t want to miss! His interview begins at 2:30 PM eastern and Jamaica time, 7:30 PM UK time. Check the video below to learn more!

You can find Simple Rattigan on the following platforms:

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Fonso Black Entertainment and the Fiery Zone Bring Us Another Tough Friday Lineup!

Let’s blaze it up in The Fiery Zone with your boy Fonso Black on December 3, 2021.
Join us at The Spotlight with Reggae Artist, Hunnae Brandy at 12:30 PM Central, 1:30 PM Eastern/Jamaican, and 6:30 PM UK time.
reggae Artist, TUFFEST will be there at 1:30 PM Central, 2:30 PM Eastern/Jamaican, and 7:30 PM UK time.
Reggae Artist, Julian Marley will also be there at 2:15 PM central, 3:15 PM Eastern/Jamaican, and 8:15PM UK time.
The excitement is on every Friday starting at 11 AM Central,12 PM Eastern/Jamaican, and 5 PM UK time. Don’t miss it on UVC Radio, the sound that bind us together!

Click here to listen!

you can also call or message us on the WhatsApp platform number 44 7900 504159


Lady A Debuts her Musical Mix Show on UVC Radio

We are very excited about our latest edition to UVC Radio. Presenting Lady A’s Musical Mix, every Wednesday between 6 PM and 8 PM eastern Caribbean time. Check out the promo below for more details.


Zoelah Comes to UVC Radio this Friday!

A beautiful picture of Zoelah posing for the camera

Meet Di queen of Groove Soca!

This Friday at 10 PM eastern time, 11 PM eastern Caribbean time, join King Rocco and DJ GFire on Friday NightVibes as we welcome Zoelah! Hailed as the queen of groove soca, learn how Zoelah uses her unforgettable voice to put the soul in soca music!

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UVC Soundclash 2021!

Don’t miss the event of the year! It’s the UVC Soundclash 2021… Happening soon! This Saturday November 6, 2021, 5 of our DJ’s will be competing for the title of the UVC Soundclash 2021 winner! Hailing from Jamaica will be DJ Cane, host of the Jamaican Connection, along with DJ Randi, host of Level Di Vibes! Hailing from Antigua is DJ K I, as well as King Rocco from Saint Lucia. Hailing from the U.S. is DJ GFire! Do you want the right to vote and be apart of our zoom room? Only $5 US gets you in! Donate via cash app at $uvcradio, as well as PayPal at It all starts at 11 AM Eastern, 10 AM central and Jamaica time, on UVC Rado, the sound that binds us together!