Broadcaster Application

Before filling out this application, please read the UVC Radio Rules listed below. At the bottom of the application, you wil need to check the box that says that you agree to the UVC Radio Rules.

UVC Radio Rules

Rules for Meeting Attendance 1. All UVC Radio Admins & Broadcasters MUST attend all meetings. (If you miss 3 consecutive meetings, and fail to communicate to management, it will result in suspension from the UVC Radio Station for 3 weeks. After each suspension, before reinstatement, you must meet with the Administrators of UVC Radio so that we can work together to prevent further suspensions or termination. After being suspended 3 times, you will be terminated as a Broadcaster for UVC Radio. 2. Once the meeting recording starts, mute your mics. All UVC Radio Admins and Broadcasters MUST make an effort to be on time to all meetings. (NO LATER THAN 15 MINUTES late). UVC Radio meets regularly every Sunday at 1 PM eastern, 12 PM central, 2 PM eastern Caribbean time. Should their be any meeting changes, it is the admins’ responsibility to notify the rest of the group 24 hours in advance. Should for any reason the group not be notified of any time changes prior to this, no one in the group shall be penalized. Rules for Broadcasters/Presenters 3. Anyone who is hosting a show, must give at least 12 – 24 hour notice if they are not going to be able to broadcast their show. If a Broadcaster does not inform the general manager or anyone acting in his/her post, and is a No Call/No Show, 3 consecutive shows, will result in termination as a Broadcaster. While a broadcaster is unavailable, a past program will be aired or automation will continue in his/her place. 4. Every Broadcaster should be available to broadcast on their day and time. No Broadcaster can ask to substitute their day for another day. If a broadcaster decides to broadcast on a different day in spite of being informed otherwise, they will be terminated and will not be able to re-apply to UVC Radio. Discrepancies 5. If you have any questions, complaints or comments please either put it in the UVC Radio What’s App Group or contact anyone of the Admins. Mutual Respect 6. If you have a disagreement with anyone, bring it to any one of the Admins so it can be discussed in private. DO NOT bring conflict into the organization. Promotion of UVC Radio and Other Projects 7. If you would like to advertise another radio station you are affiliated with, you can do so in the main UVC group, not in the UVC Radio group. 8. No advertisement or promotion of another radio station shall be conducted on UVC Radio. Definitions of Position 1. Suspension: A broadcaster is not allowed to broadcast for three weeks. Suspended broadcasters can still attend meetings and other UVC Radio related events. Once the three weeks have elapsed, the suspended broadcaster will meet with the UVC Radio Admins so that together we can ensure that this does not happen in the future. 2. Termination: Broadcasters are terminated after being suspended 3 consecutive times or because they knowingly attempted to broadcast in a non-designated time slot after being informed that they cannot do so. Unlike suspension, these individuals cannot attend UVC Radio Meetings or UVC Radio related events. Contests Should any contest be held on UVC Radio, UVC Radio staff are not qualified to profit from any winnings. If you agree, please proceed to the application below and ceck the required box.